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The Biggest Myths About Clogged Drains That Tend To Get Homeowners In Trouble

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Pretty much every homeowner will be faced with a clogged drain at some point in their lives, and there are few things quite as frustrating. Thankfully, there are professional drain cleaning services that can help. A few big myths tend to lead homeowners into more trouble with a clogged drain than what they started out with. 

Myth: Clogged drains clear on their own with enough hot water.

Many clogs form due to the collection of grease, soap solids, hair, and food particles. Soap solids and even grease will dissolve with extremely hot water. However, the solid matter will not. Plus, as the hot water travels through the drain, it also gets colder. So by the time the water gets to the clog, it may not even be warm enough to do much of anything. 

Myth: You typically have to break into the lines to clear a clog. 

Breaking down drain lines to clear a clog can be a massive undertaking, and it can end in having to make a lot of time-consuming and costly repairs if you are not careful. Most clogs should be handled within the line itself. 

Myth: Professional drain cleaners just tackle a drain through trial and error like you. 

Trial and error with a clogged drain means trying one thing and moving on if that doesn't work, which is the typical way homeowners will tackle a clog. However, drain cleaning services are much more equipped to examine a clog issue so they don't have to make repeated attempts to clear the line. Most modern drain cleaners utilize pipe cameras or thermographic imagery to detect a clog before they get started, so they know what method is going to work. 

Myth: Pipe snakes are the best way to clear a badly clogged line. 

Pipe snakes, also referred to as plumbing snakes or line snakes, can be an effective tool if you have something minimal blocking a drainage line. For example, if you have a wad of hair down in a drain line, a pipe snake can do a good job because it can go into the line and retrieve the clump of hair. Nevertheless, pipe snakes are not all that effective if you have a major, more solid clog. You may achieve puncturing a hole through the clog, but that only means you will continue to have problems. It is far better to have drain cleaning services to help you out and clear the line fully.