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3 Potential Issues Your Septic System May Be Facing And How To Resolve Them

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Does your home have a septic system? Are you suddenly staring at some sort of issue, and do you want to know what's going on before you call in an expert for assistance? No matter what type of sewage disposal system you have, surprises can happen at any time. Thankfully, there are some concerns that may seem huge but are actually relatively simple fixes. A few potential issues that you may be facing and their possible solutions include:

Sewage water over tank: If your yard smells strongly of sewage and you see puddles of water above or near your septic tank then that's a good sign that your tank needs to be pumped out. When the solids are high enough that the outlet pipe is blocked, the water may force its way through the septic tank's cover. Once the tank has been pumped out, everything may go back to normal immediately. But if sewage solids escaped into the leach field, you may need a more serious septic system repair. The entire leach field may need to be dug up and rebuilt elsewhere or the septic tank as a whole may need to be relocated, depending on exactly what happened.

Drains running slowly: Fortunate homeowners will find their drains start to run slowly as the septic tank nears its capacity to hold the sewage solids instead of waking up to find their yards flooded with sewer water. While slow drains are annoying, having your tank pumped out should resolve the issue. If it doesn't, you may have something blocking the septic line itself. A professional may simply need to snake out the pipe and all will be well again. But if the clog was caused by tree roots invading the system, you may need a more serious septic system repair. You may need to replace some or all of the septic line to help prevent the issue from happening again in the near future.

Fast-growing grass: Grass that is growing nicely might not seem to be an issue to most people. Indeed, it's often a sign that everything is going well in your yard. The problem arises when only sections, rather than the whole yard, are looking green and beautiful. This is especially true if the grass is growing well around or near your septic tank. Grass that is growing well can be an indication that your septic line has cracked and that you need to call a professional about a septic system repair as soon as possible. Waiting too long could result in your yard becoming severely contaminated with raw sewage, something that can be extremely expensive to resolve.

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