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Throw A Backyard Birthday Weekend Camping Party For Your Tween

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If your tween is like most, they want a little more freedom than they did as an adolescent when it comes to hanging out with friends and celebrating birthdays. This year, throw your tween a backyard birthday weekend camping party where they can freely spend time with their friends with minimal interruptions from the adults – you can keep an eye on things from inside. Here are three things you can do to make sure that the weekend party is a hit for your tween and all their friends:

Rent a Portable Toilet

To ensure that the kids don't have to keep entering and exiting your home to use the restroom throughout the camping weekend, rent a portable toilet and have it set up in the yard a few feet from where the tents are set up. You should also extend a hose to the toilet so it can be used by each person to wash their hands after using the restroom. This should help keep the area sanitary throughout the weekend and minimize the interruptions you experience indoors.

Pack Picnic Food

Instead of having to go outside and supervise fires when your tween and their guests want to make food, eliminate the need for fires altogether and pack picnic food for them. Pack sandwich fixings, cold pasta salads, fresh fruit, granola bars, and other snacks that can be eaten as-is. The kids can then eat what they want whenever it's convenient for them throughout the day without having to rely on you to prepare them meals or start fires for them.

Plan Entertainment

Keeping the tweens entertained throughout the weekend is important if you don't want them infiltrating your home when trying to stay busy. So make inside off limits and provide plenty of entertainment outdoors. Set up horse shoes, a volleyball net, and a small card table with a tub of assorted board games on top of it. Buy an intricate sprinkler head that the kids can use to play and get wet when it's warm outside. And put a small portable DVD player and a selection of movies in a protective container and store it in a tent so it can be used when the sun goes down.

These tips and tricks should help ensure that your tween and their friends have a ton of fun at camping party without sacrificing their safety or infringing on your personal space.