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Possible Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Making Too Much Noise

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An air conditioner needs to do more than just keep your house cool. It needs to do so without creating excessive distractions around the home.

Sometimes, the amount of noise an air-conditioner unit produces while operating gets out of hand. Noises like clicks, bangs, rattles, and screeches coming from an AC unit most likely indicate a malfunction.

If your air conditioner is making too much noise, the excess noise could be caused by one of the following five issues. 

Mechanical parts are not adequately lubricated

A screeching or rattling sound coming from the inside unit of the AC system could indicate that mechanical parts are not properly lubricated. Lubrication issues cause noise to be produced when metal parts rub against one another.

Lubrication issues are typically an easy fix because a technician simply needs to dissemble the AC unit to get at mechanical parts like motors, fans, and coils. Then, lubricant needs to be applied where metal components are in contact with one another.

Blades are damaged

If the blade of the unit's fan becomes bent, it could begin to repeatedly strike against another component of the AC unit's interior. This could cause a clicking or banging noise.

In order to correct damaged blades, a new fan may need to be installed in the unit. 

Interior of the unit is dirty

A noisy unit could be excessively dirty inside. Debris clogging the unit can cause excess noise when air blows through components. A clogged filter could also create noise because it obstructs air flow and could be the cause of a high-pitched whistling sound.

A thorough cleaning of the AC unit will remedy noise issues if they are caused by the buildup of dirt and debris. 

There is a clog in the A/C coils

A clogged coil in your A/C unit can obstruct the passage of air. This can create the same kind of noise that debris in the air filter or in the unit's interior causes.

While air-filter clogs or buildup on the interior of the unit's body can easily be removed, a clogged coil may require the installation of a replacement coil to remedy noise issues.

Fan motors have come out of place

Over time, an AC unit's fan motor can shake itself loose. This can cause occasional clicks or bangs to come from a unit.

A fan motor that is making noise because it has come out of place needs to be reattached. This is typically a fairly quick and inexpensive repair procedure. 

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