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Plumbing Emergency – Shut Off The Water Immediately – How To Do It

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Plumbing emergencies can lead to a substantial amount of damage to your home if you don't know exactly what to do the minute you notice the problem. If you have water leaking into your home due to a broken water line, you must know how to shut the water off as quickly as possible. Here, you will learn how to do just that.

Well Water Shut Off

Shutting off water supplied by a well is pretty simple as long as you know where the shut off valve is. Typically, the valve is located right around the pressure tank. Oftentimes, it is located just above the pressure tank – on the pipe leading to the pressure tank.

Once you find the valve, turn the lever and the water is shut off.

Tip: To make it easier to find the valve during an emergency, tie a bright colored ribbon to it, or directly above it. You can even get glow in the dark stickers to help you find it when the power is out. Do whatever you need to so that you can find it quickly and put a stop to the water leaking into your home.

City Water Shut Off

Shutting off city supplied water can be a bit more challenging. In many cases, the main shut off valves aren't located inside the house. In fact, the shut off and meter are commonly underground. Take a look around the exterior of your home. If you don't see the water meter on the side of your home, it is likely under an access panel somewhere close to the street.

Once you locate it, lift the access panel and look in to see what type of shut off valve has been used. Some valves are simple grab and turn valves, but other times, you will need a wrench to turn the metal flange. If this is the case, make sure to store a wrench in the access box with the valve so you don't have to find one in a hurry.

Localized Shut Off

If the leaking line is in an area of the home that can be turned off without shutting off the entire supply to the house, do so. You should have localized shut off valves under your kitchen sink, your bathroom sink, near your washing machine, close to the hot water heater, and possibly a few other places.

Take the time to look around your home and create a map of where each valve is located and the lines that each one will shut off. This will expedite the shut-off process greatly. Contact a plumber, like RooterGuy® Plumbing, for more help.