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Two Modern Day Services That Can Get A Plumber To Your Home Fast

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Finding the right plumber to help you solve problems you're having with your household plumbing used to entail asking friends and family members for recommendations or taking a chance on the first search result that came up in Google. These days, however, technology has advanced enough that you can get a qualified and dependable plumber to your home at the touch of a button. Here are two services that can make that happen.

Home Repair Apps

Over the last couple of decades, the smartphone has risen to become the must-have piece of technology, and that partly has to do with the app market. There are apps available that can help you do just about anything, and that includes summoning a plumbing professional to your home to fix your pipes.

One option in this category is the HomeAdvisor Home Contractors app. This app connects to a database of home repair professionals in your area who've undergone background checks. You can compare the rates charged for different companies, read customer reviews, and then book an appointment with your choice right from the app. This helps save time by avoiding the phone tag that sometimes occurs when trying to call a repair professional directly. The HomeAdvisor app is available for Apple and Android phones.

If you live in San Diego, California, you can use the HouseCall app. Like the HomeAdvisor app, HouseCall will search for professionals in the area, provide pricing information, and schedule an appointment. However, this app also lets you prepay for the service using a credit card, so you don't need to have cash on hand or hunt down your checkbook. Housecall is available for Apple and Android.

Service Review Sites

Not everyone likes loading up their phones with apps they may only use once or twice. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the same convenient and quick service they provide. There are a number of websites that also help you locate, schedule appointments, and even pay for plumbing service online.

Possibly the most well known of the bunch is Angie's List. What sets this site apart from others is the reviews are verified, so you are more likely to get honest opinions from people who have actually worked with the service providers. Repair professionals are also required to undergo background checks, which can help you feel more confident about your hiring decision, and you can pay for the service right on the site. Angie's List does charge a membership fee, but the amount varies depending on your area. It's best to visit the site for an accurate quote.

A free alternative to Angie's List is Thumbtack. This site differs a little because you submit a form detailing what you need and the repair professionals contact you by email or text message with quotes. You then select the one you want to hire.

Hiring a professional plumber fast can be challenging, but modern-day technology has made the process a little easier. For assistance with your plumbing issues, contact a contractor in your area. Contact a business that offers Trenchless Pipe Technologies for more information.