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3 Simple Solutions To Help Give Your Home Greener Plumbing And Save Energy

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When doing improvements to homes, one of the major objectives many homeowners have is to add green technologies to them. This can be major investments such as solar panels that power electrical appliances and home automation for more energy efficiency. If you want to do green improvements, you can also start with simpler projects that can focus on things like plumbing and water conservation. Here are some improvements that you may want to consider for your plumbing to make your home greener:

1. Use Your Grey Water For The Lawn Or A Garden

If you have a modern sprinkler system for your lawn or a garden, this can be an area where energy and water is wasted. There is a lot of water that washes down the drain lines of your home that can be used for these chores. If you are looking for simple solutions, you may want to consider converting the appliances in your home to directly drain to a drip irrigation system that can water landscaping and gardens.

2. Insulate All Of Your Hot Water Lines To Reduce Heat Loss

You may have insulation on pipes that are most likely to freeze during winter months, but going a little further with the insulation can also help you to save. You may want to consider insulating all the hot water lines in your home. Doing this will reduce heat loss and help to save energy that the hot water heater or a boiler uses. In addition, if you have lines for radiant heating, you may want to consider insulating these too.

3. Updating Your Water Heater For An Energy Efficient System

Your water heater can be another area where a lot of energy is lost in your home. This is usually due to older inefficient water heaters. There are many different choices for modern water heaters that can provide you with the energy for a lot less, such as biomass, solar water heaters and heat pump systems. If repairs to your water heater are becoming more frequent and costlier, it may be time to start considering an upgrade to one of these systems.

These are some plumbing improvements that you may want to consider to make your home greener and save energy. If you are ready to start with some of the smaller plumbing projects, contact a plumbing contractor and talk with them about some of these green solutions for your home. To learn more, contact a company like All Clear Pumping & Sewer.