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Low Water Pressure? Here's How To Fix It

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Does the water seem to come out of your faucets as more of a trickle than a stream? Maybe your showers just are not as forceful as they once were. Low water pressure can be annoying, but thankfully, there are a number of ways to address this problem depending on the circumstances that are causing it.  

Clean or Replace Your Fixtures

If the low pressure only occurs at certain faucets and is a rather new development, then there's a good chance your faucets and fixtures themselves are to blame. If you have hard water, mineral deposits can form in your faucets, slowing the rate at which water can emerge from them. You can solve this issue by filling a plastic bag with vinegar and rubber-banding the bag around the faucet with the head of the faucet fully immersed in the vinegar. Let the faucet sit this way overnight. Of course, replacing the faucet entirely is another option. You may want to look into getting a water softener to prevent this issue from happening again. The softener will remove the minerals from the water as it enters your home, so you don't get mineral deposits in your pipes or fixtures anymore.

Remove a Blockage in Your Pipes

If the issue came on suddenly but is affecting all of the faucets and water-emitting units throughout your home, there's a good chance it is caused by a blockage in one of the larger pipes that carry water through your home. You'll need to hire a plumber to come search for the blockage and either clear it or replace the clogged section of pipe. Blockages in clean water pipes are usually caused by mineral deposits, which are difficult or impossible to remove, so replacing the pipe is generally your only option. Once again, installing a whole-home water softener will help prevent this issue from happening again.

Install a Pressure Tank  

If your home has always had low water pressure and you've ruled out a pipe blockage as a potential cause, then you may want to consider having a pressure tank installed. This is a device that accelerates the rate at which water flows through your pipes. Pressure tanks are a great choice when the municipal water supply simply flows into your home with low pressure, either due to the way the municipal pipes or the plumbing in your own home is structured.  A water pressure tank is about the size of a small water heater, and a plumber (such as one from can install it in your home just after the main water shutoff valve.