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3 Modern Plumbing Features That Improve Your Life And Make Your Home Greener

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Green improvements to your home are something that can help you do your part for the environment, as well as reduce your energy costs. The improvements you do to your home can focus on many different areas, such as electrical and HVAC. You may also want to consider improvements to the plumbing in your home, which can be something as simple as recycling grey water or more involved projects like installing a solar water heater. Here are some of the improvements that you may want to consider to make your home's plumbing greener:

1. Different Ways To Collect, Recycle, And Reuse Water

If you want to reduce your water consumption, you may want to consider solutions for recycling and reusing water. Rain collection systems can be installed to provide your home with clean potable water that can be used for various different purposes. You may also want to consider a grey water collection system, which can be used to store grey water from appliances and other systems to be reused for various non-potable tasks, such as flushing toilets. Depending on what you use these systems for, you may also want to have filtration installed for the water collection systems.

2. Give Your Home Solar Energy With The Addition Of A Solar Water Heater

Solar energy is another feature that you may want to consider adding to the plumbing of your home. This can be done with the addition of solar panels to power a water heater, or you may want to consider a solar water heater, which uses sunlight to heat water. The benefit of a solar water heater is that it can also be used by other mechanical systems in your home, such as a furnace or a boiler for your home heating.

3. Update Your Home With A Plumbing Manifold For More Efficient Flowing Water

Conventional home plumbing has separate lines for the cold and hot water. This means that often, hot water comes from the tank to the lines and faucet. This also increases heat loss, which is why you often have to wait for hot water to come out of the tap. To solve this problem, you may want to consider having a plumbing manifold installed, which can also make doing repairs and maintenance to plumbing easier.

These are some simple improvements that you may want to consider to add greener plumbing to your home. If you are ready to start saving and adding green plumbing solutions to your home, contact a plumbing contractor like those found at Rapid Rooter and talk with them about some of these ideas.