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Condo Plumbing Issues That Might Be Beyond Your Control

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If you are living in a condo, sharing a community with others is a way of life. The downside of this is that when problems occur, these can be bigger than your individual unit. When it comes to plumbing problems, it is good to understand the difference between issues that are on you as a condo owner and those that should involve your HOA. Here are three condo plumbing issues that may be beyond your control and will need to be handled on a larger scale.

1. Clogged Main Pipes

If your toilet is constantly clogging or most of your drains are slow, this might be a bigger issue than your individual space. Pipes underground can periodically get stopped up with items such as disposable wipes, hair, and grease. If condo owners aren't careful about what goes down the drain, this can compound and cause problems for everyone. If you are experiencing chronic drain clogs, check with neighbors above and below you to see if they are having the same troubles. Report issues to your HOA if this seems to be a bigger issue for your entire building that might need to involve major plumbing work.

2. Burst Pipes in the Winter

If pipes burst in the winter time, this can lead to rapid damage and flooding. If your individual unit is flooded, the resulting damage might need to be covered by your insurance. If the pipes that caused the damage are outside of your unit, your HOA will need to be involved. This type of emergency situation might involve building-wide water shut offs that others will need to be made aware of in your building. Sometimes bigger plumbing issues can cause damages to your personal property, but with a swift HOA and proper insurance in place, you can work together to resolve issues from burst pipes quickly.

3. Tree Roots and Broken Pipes

Slower leaks outside of your unit might be stemming from pipes that have gotten tangled in tree roots over time. If you notice standing water or there are constant damp areas in grassy spaces year-round, chances are there is a leaky or broken pipe underground. Be sure to report any possible leaks to your HOA in order to save your condo association money on water bills and to have possible leaks assessed.

The good news about major plumbing issues this that these can be fixed by your HOA and you won't be stuck with emergency plumbing bills. If you are concerned that your HOA might not be keeping up with general plumbing maintenance, get involved and work to set up routine plumbing inspections with your property management team. If you do notice any telltale signs of larger plumbing issues either within your unit or within your community, be sure to report this to your HOA.

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