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Three Ways Your Plumber Can Help With Your DIY Bathroom Remodel

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When you plan a bathroom remodel, you are likely focused on the aesthetic changes you want to make to the room. If you choose to take on your bathroom remodel as a DIY project, you may be able to handle many of the changes without the help of a contractor. You should, however, consider hiring a plumber for some of the technical aspects of your project to ensure that your plumbing is properly in place when you are ready to unveil the remodel to your family. Here are just a few things your plumber can do to help your DIY bathroom remodel go smoothly.

Water Line Movement

Whether you want to install a separate stand-up shower and tub or you simply want to move the location of your bath vanity, an experienced plumber can add the extra plumbing needed to move your water lines. A plumber will make sure that the plumbing is properly re-routed for your tub and sink to preserve the proper water pressure and prevent any leaks in the new pipes. Should you choose to move the location of the toilet, your plumber can re-route the waste pipes and handle the rough-in for the new toilet, so all you need to do is connect the new toilet to the floor and plumbing.

Pan Liner Installation

If you are planning on installing a stand-up shower or bathtub where there wasn't one before, your plumber may be able to tackle the pan liner installation for you. This includes installing the new drain and drain line and ensuring the water lines are properly connected to your new plumbing fixtures. The plumber will also make sure that the pan has the proper pitch to allow water to drain away. Having your shower pan liner properly installed will prevent water from leaking into the floor below, which can cause damage to the home.

Luxury Plumbing Installation

There are many new and exciting types of luxury plumbing additions you can choose for your bathroom, such as steam showers, thermostatic shower panels and LED waterfall faucets. If you want to give your bathroom a luxury upgrade, you may want to consider having your plumber install these fixtures and plumbing additions. Some of them can be complicated to install. Steam showers, for example, require the installation of a generator as well as plumbing connections, which may be a task better left to a professional if you haven't done a lot of home repair projects.

Some plumbers specialize in bathroom remodels, and you may be able to find a plumbing company that can tackle everything, from laying down the tile to installing your new vanity and tub. Review all the work your project will need, and determine which parts you are comfortable handling on your own. Call a plumber like True Blue Plumbing to tackle the parts of your remodel that you don't want to do by yourself.