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Home Water Filtration For A Better Glass Of Water

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If the water in your home has a chlorine smell or you don't like the taste, home filtration methods are available to give you a more satisfying drink of water. A few filters remove illness-producing microorganisms. Some water filters remove heavy minerals to soften your water, too. Here is a list of water filters to clean up your water, from DIY units to professionally installed systems.

Carbon Granule Filters

This is the most basic of water filters. It uses small granules of carbon. These act as a physical filter, removing large particles from the water, as well as a chemical filter to remove chlorine and some pesticides. You can purchase these filters as a simple water pitcher or as a device that connects to your faucet to filter the water when you turn it on.

Maintenance of these systems requires replacing the carbon granules periodically. Carbon filters are often used in combination with other water filtration methods.

Ceramic Filters

In this systems, water flows through a ceramic sleeve. Ceramic is porous and, as the water moves through the tiny holes, parasites and some minerals are removed. These are purely physical filters but may be used with a carbon filter to remove more contaminants from the water. Because this filter removes minerals it has some water softening effect.

You can buy ceramic units that attach to the faucet or to the water supply line under the sink. The ceramic pores can become clogged, restricting the water flow, so the sleeves need to be scrubbed periodically to open up the pores.

Ultraviolet (UV) Light Filters

These filters kill bacteria, viruses and parasites in the water. They consist of ultraviolet light tubes in a cylinder through which the water flows. As the water passes over the UV tubes, harmful microorganisms are killed. These units must be installed by a plumber to make sure the UV tubes are adjusted for peak performance.

These filters are often combined with other types of filtration to remove particles, chlorine, pesticides and other chemicals. The light tubes fade over time and need to be replaced to continue keeping your water free of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Copper and Zinc Filters

Zinc and copper granules combine to create ions that pull minerals, parasites, bacteria and chemicals from the water. These filters remove heavy minerals and soften the water. Carbon filters are often used with this filter to remove more contaminates from the water.

The copper and zinc granules need to be replace periodically to maintain the balance between these two minerals. A water filtration company must install these units in your home to make sure the minerals are working together properly.

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