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Plumbing Tips For Condo Living

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If you own a condo, there are things within your home that are on you to fix, and other external factors that are up to the HOA community to resolve. Some plumbing issues might straddle the line between owner responsibility and overall property management to take the lead on. Here are four plumbing tips on unique situations that can come with condo living.

1. Toilet and Drain Back-Ups

Slow drains or constant toilet back-ups might need bigger remedies than you can do from  your individual space. If you have recurring drain issues that you cannot resolve with chemical drain cleaners or plunging, your neighbors may be affected as well. Work with gravity and check with those above and below you to see if they are having issues as well. Sometimes major pipes underground need to be cleared of stop ups that you wouldn't have access to.

2. Turning off Building Water for Maintenance

If you are getting work done in your unit, it is important that you let your neighbors know one-by-one or with a posting if you are in large building with many units. You might think that a small project will only take a few minutes, but if there are complications, you might shut off water to others for longer than you meant to. Make sure others are aware of work and can accommodate.

3. Hiring of Licensed Plumbers

If you need to have a toilet or faucet replaced, a condo situation might not be the best DIY opportunity for you to learn how to replace plumbing. You wouldn't want your neighbors to do this, so be sure to go through a licensed plumber that your condo association has approved to do major work on your condo.

4. Flooding Problems

If there are exterior floods within your condo community due to weather or possible burst pipes, be sure to tell your HOA or property management team immediately. Sometimes interior flooding can be a homeowner's responsibility to resolve and may involve neighboring units. Have needed repairs assessed and get your larger condo association involved to see who is in the hook for repairs. Having condo insurance can help you breathe easy if emergency work does fall to you.

Shared water situations need to be respected, especially when there are many owners involved. Be considerate of your neighbors when you are working on plumbing and alert your HOA to bigger issues will help resolve issues faster and without much fuss. Community living can have a different set of rules when it comes to home maintenance, and this includes plumbing issues.