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Water Damage In Your Bathroom: 3 Common Causes

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Water damage is more common in your bathroom than other portions of your home due to the fact that so much of your bathroom involves the use of water and is connected to your plumbing system and piping. Sometimes the results of water damage have nebulous causes. Hopefully, this brief article will give a bit of insight into what some of the causes of water damage are.

Cracking Sink Grout and Seals

Sealant needs to be properly applied to your sinks or else you will find an ample amount of water leaking from the areas that were improperly sealed. Sink sealant also wears down over time, so it's important to replace it every so often. Check the exact area where the sink meets your bathroom wall and make sure that water isn't leaking from the area and examine it to see if there is any water damage on the wall. In order to examine your sink's grout, check the sealant between tiles near the sink. If you believe that water damage has occurred to the tile, hit it with a coin and if you hear a "hollow" noise, then the grout is damaged.

Deteriorated Grout or Missing Grout

Grout is a combination mixture of cement, water, fine gravel, and sand that is used as sealant in between the tiles of your bathroom. Sometimes you will find portions of your tile that should be filled with grout, but for some reason, it is missing. This is most likely due to deterioration. You may also notice that it looks like it is chipping or even "fading" away. This is due to the fact that the grout is currently deteriorating. You can employ the same method that you did for checking your sink's grout as you did before.

Toilets Not Installed Correctly

An improperly installed toilet can be the source of water leaks and, as such, water damage. Check the sealant, which is located where the bowl meets the toilet. If you can clearly see that water is leaking out of this area, then take the time to re-caulk the area. If this does not work, check for other issues. Make sure that the toilet is properly bolted to the floor. These should be located where the bowl meets the floor directly to the right and left of the toilet. You may also be able to easily tell if your toilet is improperly installed and causing damage if you notice a distinct foul odor coming from your bathroom.

Hopefully, this brief guide has given you some insight into why water damage might be occurring in your bathroom. Click here to learn more about this topic.