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How To Prevent Plumbing Problems That Kids Might Cause

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Whether you have one child or a big family full of kids, you know that kids can cause plumbing problems here and there without meaning to. Kids can take over your home and accidents might happen, but you can still prevent some basic plumbing problems. Here are four common plumbing problems that come with having kids, and how to stop these from occurring.

1. What Went Down the Toilet?

Kids are curious, and many times their days might be filled with ad hoc experiments. In their defense, they might just be figuring out how the world around them works. Kids might at one point or another flush a toy or household item down the toilet. Toilet cover locks can be your best friend at this stage, which is usually toddlers that are on training toilets and aren't using the toilet yet.

2. Too Much Toilet Paper

Kids that have mastered going to the bathroom on their own might feel proud and independent from figuring out such a grown-up event. You might also be relieved that this milestone has been achieved. There is one more step in this process, and that is discussing and monitoring toilet paper usage. Make sure to walk your kid through what amounts to the right amount of TP so that they don't overuse and clog toilets in the process.

3. Master Chef Junior

If your child loves to help out in the kitchen, they might be fostering a love of cooking that they can develop over time. It is a good idea to talk with your child about the dangers in the kitchen, and one of these things is the kitchen sink. Your child should be discouraged from using the garbage disposal, and should get scraps in the garbage, not the sink. If you can invest in drain catchers and tape over your garbage disposal switch, you'll save yourself from plumbing headaches.

4. Lessons in Water Conservation

Kids can be notorious for overflowing sinks and bathtubs, and honestly there isn't really a great way to discourage this behavior other than talking with your child about this. If you can get kids to see the benefits of turning off faucets when brushing their teeth and taking showers over baths, you might be able to head off some major water usage. Take the approach of not wasting water if this might appeal to your child, and can also protect your bathroom.

The best approach when it comes to accidents with household plumbing is to be calm with your child and make sure that they let you know exactly what happened. If your child is worried they might get in trouble, you might not know what kind of plumbing issue you are dealing with and this can go from bad to worse.

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