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Things To Know About Your Septic System In Anchorage AK

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If you own a home that uses a septic system in Anchorage AK, there are some important facts that you should be aware of to keep it operating optimally. The things that you wash down your drains and what you flush down your toilet are all going to end up in your septic systems. Some chemicals should never be washed down the drain in large amounts. Bleach, for example should never be dumped in large quantities down any drain in your home. It is safe to use it as a cleaning agent, but using gallons at a time is not recommended. The reason that you have to watch what chemicals you allow into the septic system is because the chemicals could actually break down the bacteria that is needed to eliminate solid waste in your holding tank. If that bacteria was to be eliminated, the solid waste in the holding tank would begin to build up an will need to be pumped out more often. Proper maintenance of your septic system in Anchorage AK will help you keep it operating at its best and help decrease the number of times you have to have the holding tank pumped out. This can save you a substantial amount of money over the years.